Encounter with Wyrmwoode

If his worg agents have failed, Wyrmwoode pays the PCs a visit himself. He has a clearing picked out for such a confrontation—an open space 120 feet in diameter. The trail enters from the south and exits to the north. Wyrmwoode does not appear on a day when the PCs have already had an encounter. The dragon simply doesn’t bother to roust himself on any day that he’s sent agents. When he does decide to head toward the PCs, all other creatures flee the area, thus negating the possibility of a random encounter. Wyrmwoode approaches the PCs openly rather than ambushing them because he assumes that anyone not obviously very powerful will give him what he wants rather than fight him.

Ahead is a large clearing covered in short grass and wild flowers. The woods have gone quiet—no birds chirp, and no animals rustle. Moments later, the winged form of a dragon
dives from the sky and lands on the opposite side of the clearing. The creature is as tall as a man, but its body is covered in green scales. A moment’s inspection reveals that its hide is ragged and mottled, its wings are jagged, and its head is slightly lopsided. The dragon stretches once, like a cat. Its wings slowly work back and forth, and a strong, acrid smell wafts across the clearing. Despite its size, the beast leaves no marks in the grass beneath it.

A ring of small trees and light undergrowth about 30 feet wide surrounds the whole clearing—except where the trail enters and exits. Each of the trail mouths is 20
feet wide. Movement costs in the undergrowth are doubled, and the DC for any Tumble or Move Silently check increases by +2. The undergrowth also provides concealment.


Wyrmwoode begins by demanding that the PCs leave the wagon and flee back to Holtston. He makes this demand while preparing spells (see tactics, below). He’s willing to negotiate, but he insists that at least part of the shipment be left behind, since his ultimate goal depends on making Holtston desperate enough to pay him tribute to let future shipments through.

Wyrmwoode negotiates for as much as a minute, as long as the PCs don’t attack him in any way. If the characters ultimately refuse to give him even a portion of the treasure and depart, he attacks.

Encounter with Wyrmwoode

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