Section 1 - Desert Wilderness

The next morning, the red brand guards come to get you. At this point, you’re so famished from the hunger and thirst you can barely stay conscious. You’re dragged out of your cell and taken outside the Red Brands fort. There’s a caravan made up of three camel-drawn coaches waiting for you outside. You are lead to the rear coach, which is already occupied by several other prisoners. One by one you step up into the wagon and your hands are shackled to the seat.

Most of the prisoners are unresponsive, but one of the prisoners is the new PC.


If the PCs escape

You travel all through the day. You can’t seem to take your mind off of the hunger. It has been several days since you have eaten and you don’t know how much longer you can last. you notice the climate becoming more and more arid. The temperature inside the coach feels like an oven. More time passes, and you can tell by the light coming through the bars of the caravan that it is nearly dusk. The camels halt, and you hear the sounds of the Red Brands setting up camp. Eventually, one of the Red Brands opens up the door and throws an old waterskin and some stale bread into the wagon.

If the PCs escape

Just then, you hear a primal battle cry coming from the distance. You hear the “thwip” sound of arrows hitting their mark. Then, you begin to hear a crackling noise. Fire. The battle cries get louder as the attackers approach on horseback.

By now, nearly all of the Red Brands have been slaughtered. Eventually, the fire weakens the integrity of the wagon enough that you can break free. Outside, you see a band of Barbarians finishing off what’s left of the Red Brands.


Inside the back caravan, you find all of your weapons and items. In the front caravan, you find enough rations and water for 7 days.

You scurry off without the barbarians noticing you. it is just about sundown, and it is starting to get chilly.

Disoriented, you stumble into the desert looking for shelter. You see a tall sand dune nearby that you think you could get a good vantage point from. You can see for miles in all direction, but you see no signs of civilization. no streams. No trees. No animals. the only thing there is a sea of sand.

Section 1 - Desert Wilderness

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