The Tale of Saint Versivious

“This Village has clung to existence in this harsh land for hundreds of years now, dispite all the storms, monsters, bandits, and every other calamity the world can throw at us. In fact, in the past century, we’ve been thriving. And we owe it all to the grace of our deity, Pelor.

We are just a small village. We have no church of our own. precisely 102 years ago, a terrible combination of blizzard, blight, sickness, and orc raids nearly wiped out the town. It was in our darkest hour, a kindly wandering wiseman named Versivious arrived in Holtston. He suggested that a wagonload of goods be sent to the temple of Pelor as a sign of our faith.

And although we could scarcely spare ANY of our crops, we agreed. We managed to put together a wagonload and the old wiseman Versivious himself took the wagon through the woods 100 miles to the temple. He was attacked by Orcs along the way, and badly wounded, but he managed to get the offerings to the temple before expiring.

Shortly after, we experienced a rash of good luck. The blight ended, the monster attacks stopped, and a particularly rich crop came in. We were saved by Pelor’s blessing, and Versivious became a local saint.

Every year since, a wagonload of goods has been sent off to pay tribute to Pelor. Wizards have offered to teleport the goods directly to the temple, but we always decline. We feel that our tradition requires we take the same path taken by Saint Versivious a century ago.

Now, I said we’ve done this every year since.. That’s not exactly true. 47 years ago, a shipment was lost in a forest fire, and never made it to the temple. That winter, a terrible blizzard nearly destroyed our town, and a blight struck our crops the following spring. We see this as proof that our prosperity DEPENDS on this offering. We can’t risk disappointing Pelor again.

This years wagonload of goods never made it to the temple, and its escort never returned. A second wagon was sent, but it also disappeared somewhere in the woods. We’ve now lost two wagonloads of goods, as well as two of our best and bravest young people, and so as you can see, we’re now getting desperate. We can barely afford to put together a third wagonload..

The temple has offered to send help, but our tradition requires that the temple does not interfere. Outsiders however.. (Versivious himself was an outsider)

The Tale of Saint Versivious

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