Pack Attack

The underbrush is thick, as is the canopy of leaves above. The wind whistles through the trees, and small insects chirp in the weeds. You notice an eagle sitting on a branch overhead watching you. Suddenly, a pack of black wolves jumps out of the undergrowth, fangs bared and red eyes gleaming with malevolence.

Elten Harper

Worgs (5)

Tactics: Thorn has set an ambush, hoping to take the wagon’s defenders by surprise. She sends her worgs to take down healers and foes that obviously have access to ranged attacks first. The worgs are smart enough not to risk attacks of opportunity to reach the designated targets; instead, they maneuver around the group.

Thorn barks orders (in the worg language) for them to trip intervening targets and use their faster movement to maneuver for flanking. If three or more worgs fall, Thorn orders a retreat and gives up on her deal with Wyrmwoode. If Thorn dies, the remaining worgs attack the nearest foe and fight to the death.

You see the eagle has flown off in the same direction the path is taking you.

Treasure: Thorn has a ring of protection +1 (AC) on her left front paw.

1700 XP

Pack Attack

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