Wyrmwoode's Lair


Wyrmwoode’s lair is a massive treehouse built decades ago by a retired half-elf ranger. The place was abandoned when Wyrmwoode found it, and for the time being it suits him well (When he grows larger, it won’t work so well for him.) The house is 30 feet off the ground and well camouflaged (DC 15 Spot check to notice it). The dragon’s animal companion (an eagle) watches over the lair at night and warns him of any intruders. The eagle also stays behind to keep an eye on the lair when Wyrmwoode is out. Climbing up to the treehouse takes a DC 10 Climb check.

Except for Wyrmwoode’s nest (of animal pelts and broken foliage) and the treasures in area 2, the interior rooms contain nothing of interest. The rest of the treehouse is empty except for a few smashed pieces of furniture and small animal carcasses.


Tactics: If Wyrmwoode is present when his companion spots PCs near the lair, the dragon flies out in a rage and attacks immediately. He doesn’t give characters that hunt him down a second chance. He fights until he reaches 50 hit points, then flies back to his lair and tries to collect his treasure and escape. All of his loot except the composite bow and greatsword fits in his treasure chest. If pressed for time, Wyrmwoode just grabs the chest and leaves. If reduced to 15 or fewer hit points, Wyrmwoode abandons his treasure and flies away.

If the PCs manage to attack Wyrmwoode while he’s still inside his lair, they may be able to surprise him. He still fights to the best of his ability, but he doesn’t leave PCs in his lair unless he has to escape. Remaining in the lair prevents Wyrmwoode from flying because the treehouse isn’t big enough to accommodate his wingspan, but the close quarters also tend to clump PCs close enough together for his breath weapon to affect several of them at once.


  • Ornate black lacquered chest with silver fittings (55 gp)
  • diamond dust (500 gp), silk (100 gp)
  • cloth of gold (300 gp)
  • masterwork darkwood composite longbow (1/2 weight) (+ 1 atk) (+ 4 Str bonus) (830 gp)
  • masterwork cold iron greatsword (+1 atk) (double dmg against fey creatures) (400 gp)
  • 545 gp
  • 1,000 sp

Wyrmwoode's Lair

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