Wyrmwoode’s Stats
Blackwing’s Stats

Wyrmwoode is a young green dragon of only 24 years. He weighs a mere 300 pounds and measures only 6 feet from claws to crest.

Wyrmwoode is an exceptional example of his kind in most respects. He is strong, tough, and cunning, but he lacks the sleek good looks and the natural force of personality that make dragons so impressive. His clutchmates teased him mercilessly about his ragged physical appearance during the years that they banded together for survival, and this experience gave him a strong drive to overcome his faults and achieve. Wyrmwoode was the first of his clutch to strike out on his own, and he quickly sought out a mentor to train him in magic that others of his kind did not possess. He located a gnoll druid who was willing to serve as his mentor and studied under him for a few years. Wyrmwoode’s druidical studies cooled his natural ardor for law, but he remains something of a megalomaniac.

In a little more than a year, Wyrmwoode will become a juvenile, gaining a size category and 3 racial Hit Dice. His current growth spurt has made him crave both treasure and territory. Though he is still prone to simplistic thinking and to throwing tantrums when foiled, he is certainly no child. Despite his youth, he is already an experienced, advanced planer capable of careful plotting and extreme cruelty.

Tactics: Wyrmwoode is a very dangerous opponent for a group of 6th-level characters, and he qualifies as an extreme encounter.

Wyrmwoode fights logically. If possible, he casts entangle, barkskin, and plant growth before attacking. If need be, he takes wing briefly to give himself time to cast. Then he opens with entangle and follows with obscuring mist (which does not hinder his blindsense). Anytime he can hit multiple targets with his breath weapon, he employs it.

He uses his Hover feat to stay out of melee range whenever he is casting or breathing on foes.

When he engages in melee combat, he targets the most dangerous looking combatant that has a ranged attack and keeps attacking until that character goes down. (He doesn’t care if it’s dead or not at this point, as long as it’s temporarily out of the action.) If the PCs put up a good fight, Wyrmwoode retreats into the undergrowth around the clearing, where he can get some concealment and the PCs’ movement should be hampered.

Wyrmwoode does not fight to the death unless he has to. He’s an intelligent dragon, and he wants to live. Once he’s down to 50 hit points, he flees.

Development: If forced to flee, Wyrmwoode tries to smash the wagon before he departs, though he won’t risk an attack of opportunity to do so. He then makes a foolish mistake—he flies straight for his lair.

Wyrmwoode hasn’t been defeated since he gained his druidic powers, and he panics if the PCs prove more than he can handle.

If Wyrmwoode manages to steal or smash any portion of the shipment, he’s satisfied and doesn’t risk himself again until a new wagonload comes through. If he fails to ruin the offering, Wyrmwoode gives up for this year and makes plans to try again next year, when he’ll be considerably tougher.

If the PCs decide to hunt down the dragon either before or after delivering the wagon, they face a difficult and dangerous task. Because of his woodland stride ability, Wyrmwoode leaves no tracks, and he can both fly and swim. He does, however, have to eat. A character with the Track feat can find sufficient signs of the dragon’s hunting to track him back to his lair with a DC 20 Survival check. If the character already knows the direction of Wyrmwoode’s lair, the DC is only 15.

Treasure: If the characters encounter Wyrmwoode outside his lair, the only treasures they find are those he carries with him.


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